King of the jungle

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im naming my firstborn ‘thrillhouse’


"Ohhh there’s not another cable company, is there? Oh that’s right we’re the only one in town."

Stream the all-new episode “Informative Murder Porn” here:  http://cart.mn/murderporn

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The day is October 1st, Green Day has arisen from their slumber. The moment they awake the Government announces that they will be shutting down. Green Day has done it. They have achieved the end goal. Pop Punk anarchy is upon us. We have all become American Idiots.

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yeah son… *looks out into the distance* i trolled a few kids back in my day


It’s like my father always said, “Son, don’t ever pass up an opportunity to draw super buff pokémon for the Internet. Also I’m proud of you and am 100% totally real and definitely said this.”

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